The Journal, Tuesday, 6/13

Hey Folks, Topic: Foiled, Sort Of, By Technology Well, I called off the challenge I extended earlier re writing in public. Thus far I haven’t found a WordPress plug-in that will email multiple postings per day from a blog to subscribers. Much less from multiple feeds. As my friend Robert pointed out awhile back, writing in public is still writing in public even if nobody’s being notified or watching. And I very much enjoyed my abbreviated … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 6/12

Hey Folks, Kind of a neat post over at Dean’s place today, about domain-name hoarding. I can relate. I have domain names for all of my personas, some of my pseudonyms and some of my characters, like Wes Crowley. I have domain names for my own name, and also some for business names that I don’t want to risk losing. Go figure. Just yesterday, as an afterthought, I looked up Of course, it was already … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 6/11

Hey Folks, Wow. Already had a few writers sign up for the upcoming Writing in Public Challenge. I was pleasantly surprised. Excellent. Once I get the site put together, I’ll send out an email with log-in specifics, etc. If you’re interested, I recommend emailing me fairly soon. There’s still room if anyone else wants to jump in. Remember, how you structure your own challenge will be completely up to you. The only requirement is that you … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 5/18

Hey Folks, Huh. Not sure why MailChimp didn’t send last night’s post. Still, any hard-core followers went to the main site to check it out. The post was there. I put it up at around 5:15. And it was tagged appropriately (Daily Journal category) so MailChimp should have sent it out at 7. Here’s hoping it’ll go out today. I’m posting this at 4:41. There was no topic in yesterday’s post. The only matter of any … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 5/10

Hey Folks, Today I worked on various things around the house, mailed out two packages of books. One was a collection, the full set of The Formalist, a twice-monthly poetry magazine, to my eldest granddaughter. The Formalist was a very nice, perfect-bound journal that lasted ten or twelve years. I was fortunate to have some of my poetry appear in it alongside some big-name poets. The other mailing was a full set of the Wes Crowley … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 5/9

Hey Folks, Today should be the last day of settling into my office. I think the more difficult task will be getting used to writing in here. I almost look forward to winter, short as it is, so I can move my writing back to the Hovel. I put a lot of stuff through my writing ‘puter out there. Speaking of the writing ‘puter, it’s back. (grin) I had nothing to lose so I plugged in … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 5/4

Hey Folks, Hey, happy Cinco de Mayo if that’s your thing. Otherwise not a lot to post here today. Today, and Writing Rolled out just before 4 a.m. Finally to the Hovel around 7:30. But back to the house to set water, then to order cigars, etc. Finally back to the Hovel and the novel at 9:40. Again, I played in the world of the novel off and on much of the day. Just over 3000 … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 5/3

Hey Folks, Topic: More on the Challenge I’ve decided to label these “challenge” posts with the “topic” tag. These entries aren’t really topics, but I figure some folks might get some insight from these ramblings. One requirement of the challenge is to write a new story every day for a month (old hat — Dean’s done it twice now). But to fulfill both requirements of my challenge, I also have to post each new scene/page as … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 5/2

Hey Folks, A few more thoughts on the forthcoming challenge— I won’t write a novel in public. There’s no realistic way to do so. Also, I’ve decided on a dedicated Facebook page as the venue for this challenge. Might as well make it truly “in public.” To that end, here’s the post I added to Facebook this morning. I also shared it with several major writers’ groups around the nation: ANNOUNCING A NEW CHALLENGE A few … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 4/28

Hey Folks, Well, the first reader for “How Hard the Ground” enjoyed it, so it goes to market today. Of course, he’s alone with me often, miles from anywhere, way out in the desert. And he knows how well I can shoot. So that might have had a lot to do with his positive report. (grin) But I’ll take it. Topic: The Two Levels of Pacing If you’ve been following me or my work for any … Read more