The Advent of Simon Stark

In this “they come here” SF novel, the Solgren, intra-galactic colonists from another planet, have their eye, and their man, on Earth.

The Solgrens are ethereal beings who have long since forgotten the burden and the pleasures of being confined in a physical body. They are entralled with humans’ ability to focus the physical, the mental and the emotional on one project at one time. Earth might just be a perfect new home.

Simon Stark has donned a brand new human suit, and he’s found it fits him better than he might ever have expected. As the one great hope of the Selgron Council of Elders, will he accomplish what they put him on Earth to do, or will his humanity overtake him? And if it does, what then? Destroy the planet and move on, or opt for Plan B?

Internet search tags: political, science fiction, president, aliens, invasion, psychological suspense, bodymelds

Available in paper and as an ebook at this Universal Link.