The Clearing

The clearing. It was beautiful. It was remote. It was a graveyard.

This is a strongly emotional, fast-paced crime thriller / psychological suspense novel. On one side, Randall B Cregg’s father has always hoped his son would feel a calling to take over the church someday.

After a particularly troubling traumatic experience, the boy does feel a calling, but it is not the one his father hoped for. And Randall’s mother is a veritable fount of Christian charity, even in her traditionally submissive role in the family.

On the other side is Detective Sean McManus. He is a matter-of-fact gumshoe who just wants to work his cases and make ends meet. But moonlighting isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Especially when you cross wires with a man like Big Frankie Giuliatti.

Smack in the middle is the clearing. Beautiful. Remote. A perfect setting for magic and romance and the plucking of young, ripe, forbidden fruit. And a perfect setting for a graveyard.

Recommended search tags: crime thriller, psychological suspense, murder, serial killer, psychopath, temptresses, succubi, reckoning

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