Why I Don’t Recommend…

Why I don’t recommend outlining and other pre-writing structures, and why I don’t recommend rewriting.

The first half of the longer answer: When you outline (you can only outline from the conscious, critical mind), you blatantly illustrate to your creative subconscious that you flat don’t trust it (or yourself) to tell the story that the characters, not you, are living. That is not a good start.

That being said, if you can’t shake the unreasoning fear of working without a net, by all means outline. But I won’t give you any guidance on that. I can’t. My only guidance would be to toss the outline and let the characters tell the story they’re living.

As Ray Bradbury and others have said, “No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.” And no surprise for the reader equals a bland story or novel.

The second half of the longer answer: When you revise or rewrite from the conscious, critical mind, again you illustrate that you don’t trust your creative subconscious. To do that is to literally dissuade the creative subconscious that laid what might well be the golden story.

Again, I will always recommend you go with your creative subconscious and ignore the “opinion” of your conscious, critical mind. Because you literally have zero idea what a publisher, gamer, or TV or film producer might like. None.