The Journal, Saturday, 8/22

The Day Ray Bradbury’s birthday. Ray Bradbury is the guy who knew at 12 years old what it took me 62 years to learn. Glad I didn’t wait until I was 63. Blessings, Mr. Bradbury. And thank you so much. Rolled out at 3 this morning. Checked email, got my coffee and had to go run off a bunch of coyotes. Ugh. No walk again today. Just writing again today. Listen, if you’re publishing your own … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 8/21

The Day Rolled out at 2 this morning. Checked email and saw that several revised/rebranded covers and Book 8 of the series were ready for proofing. So I got my coffee and started that process. Finished an hour or so later. Still amazes me that I have eight books out in that saga. Who’d’a thunk it? Last night I figured I wouldn’t walk today. I would use my early morning hours to get a jump start … Read more

Passive Voice

Hi Folks, Note: Before I begin this post, I wanted to point you to an invaluable resource I recently found. At your leisure, please check out It’s a blog home of several best-selling authors. I’ve found some great advice there already on pacing. Also I want to offer you a free SF sampler from Lightspeed Magazine. I received it only this morning. To download it in PDF, just click Women Destroy Science Fiction (Sampler). When … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 8/20

The Day Rolled out at 2:30 this morning. I started this journal entry over a cup of French vanilla cappucino. Yeah, it’s a weakness. Nice to have every now and then. Okay, now it’s 4 a.m. (after I wrote the Topic of the Night below) so time to release the babies (a hyper nervous chihuahua and two lady cats who relish the savory flavor of rare chihuahua meat, he thinks) so they can run and play. … Read more

The (Resurrected) Journal, Wednesday, 8/19

The Day Well I’m back. I decided to fire up this journal again. When I shut down this blog 11 days ago, I wrote, “over half of the subscribers aren’t interested, so why bother detailing my daily journey as a writer?” What a stupid question. And the answer is “Um, well, because I was doing it more to hold myself accountable than for any other reason. And the half who ARE interested make it worthwhile.” So … Read more

The (Final) Journal, Thursday, 8/13

The Day If you read this earlier, I’ve edited it. Rolled out a little before 3 this morning. Had a fairly good walk, mostly asphalt, with some heart and lung-pumping hills. Only a little over 4.5 miles, but the hills made it a good workout too. Had a trip to Sierra Vista for groceries and cat stuff and a new coffee maker. It was early afternoon before I got back and haven’t written a word of … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 8/12

The Day Rolled out a little after 3 again this morning. No walking today, that’s for sure. Tomorrow morning should be a good walk again if it isn’t raining. Spent the better part of the morning rearranging my office. I got rid of some stuff and placed some stuff where I want it. The rest I just stored in the corner of my office until I’m in the mood to go through it. At any rate, … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 8/11

The Day Rolled out closer to 2:30 this morning. Still tired from the trip, I think. Well, I woke up in the mood to “take some air,” as we used to say, and I set out to go for 6 miles. But just as I reached the two mile mark, I realized the large, severe storm I’d been watching to the south was closing on me. Just so you know, I DID look at that lying … Read more

Action Verbs

Hi Folks, In the previous two posts I mentioned using action verbs in brief descriptive narratives. The same goes for longer narratives, of course. There are three kinds of verbs: state-of-being verbs, linking verbs, and action verbs. State-of-being verbs do not show action. As their name implies, they are used to indicate a state of being. The state-of-being verbs are am, is, are, was, were, be, being and been.┬áThese are often accompanied by have, has, and … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 8/10

The Day This post is longer than usual, but you wanna read it, I promise. (grin) Rolled out late this morning at 3:30. Weird. right at 2:30. Things are different when I get up later than usual, especially a whole hour later than usual. Messes up part of the routine. Barely had time to wake up before I had to let the pets out. Then I started getting ready for my walk, so no writing early. … Read more