The Journal, Friday, 2/3

Hey Folks, I almost made this a topic, but it’s mostly rambling so I didn’t. Dean often says “Check in with yourself.” And I often do. I’ve checked back over a lot of my Journal entries (that’s what it’s for on this end), and I’m seeing what I suspected. I tend to do my fastest and cleanest writing in that limited few hours from around noonish to 4. (But not today.) This doesn’t mean I’m going … Read more

Farewell, Smashwords, and Why

Hi Folks, First a couple of announcements— 1. On September 23, Author Earnings released a new report that ALL writers should see. Especially if you’re locked into traditional publishing or if you’re on the fence. The previous report I mentioned talks about market share in ebooks from traditional publishing vs. indie publishing. So it was kind of abstract. But this report shows the actual distribution of income to individual authors who choose to publish traditionally vs. independently. This probably … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 8/21

The Day Rolled out at 2 this morning. Checked email and saw that several revised/rebranded covers and Book 8 of the series were ready for proofing. So I got my coffee and started that process. Finished an hour or so later. Still amazes me that I have eight books out in that saga. Who’d’a thunk it? Last night I figured I wouldn’t walk today. I would use my early morning hours to get a jump start … Read more