The Journal, Monday, 7/27

Hey folks, just a note to update everyone and hope you’re hangin’ in there.

Arrived at our destination today. I was thinking (wrongly, not at all unusual for me) that we’d be on the road three days, then here three days, then on the road again three days. Kind of a weird symmetry in that.

But no.

Actually, not counting today, we’ll be here four full days. The current intention is to head back early on Saturday morning. So there’s that.

Not sure how much writing I’ll get done while I’m on the road at all. I truly am jonesing to 1) finish The Battle of Tres Caballos and 2) get started on either another novel in a different world or Book 9 of the Crowley saga. And I’ve also been jonesing lately to write more short fiction.

I have a feeling if I am able to carve out some writing time while I’m on the road it will be for short stories.

This is all very weird for me. I spent years traveling around the country speaking at writers’ conferences and conventions. But at those places, I was alone and not visiting relatives or friends. All of that translates that whenever I wasn’t entertaining new friends in the local bar, I was up in my room WRITING.

Whole different deal here. So we’ll see.

Not sure even when I’ll post again, so until then, please keep writing and enjoying yourself. Just have fun!


Oh! Over at Dean’s website, he’s putting up some good stuff recently. So go look already.


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