The Journal, Tuesday, 4/18

Hey Folks,

Well, yesterday I reported finishing a short story titled “Beats All.”

Yesterday early evening I read it aloud to my wife. At the end, I frowned. “This sounds like the beginning of a novel, doesn’t it?”

(I’ve long known and preached the value of reading aloud. Yet I’m still amazed at how valuable it really is.)

She said, “Yes. It ended, but it isn’t finished.”

Okay. Ugh. Now I have two novels going concurrently. And they’re in the same world and feature some of the same characters.

The Platinum Blond Perturbance will be the third Detective Galecki novel and it’s told from his POV.

Beats All features Galecki and another detective, but it’s told from the POV of a minor criminal.

Before you ask whether I can combine these, this is not a mix-and-match situation. Each of these recent novels have been first-person single-POV efforts, something I’m practicing.

I only jumped ahead to “finish” Beats All yesterday because I was certain it was going to be a short story.

I’ve already removed it from the lineup below (I clean up the Notepad version of this Journal as my last act of business each day) so I won’t add it back until I start writing it again.

I still think it works as a short story. Sometime today I’ll put together a cover for it and get it out to donors.

Then it’s back to The Platinum Blond Perturbance.

Topic: The Differences Between Amateurs and Professionals

Really, this isn’t a topic so much as a tease. To read the whole post (it isn’t mine), please visit

Here are the highlights:

1. Amateurs wait for clarity. Pros take action.

2. Amateurs want to arrive. Pros want to get better.

3. Amateurs practice as much as they have to. Pros never stop.

4. Amateurs leap for their dreams. Pros build a bridge.

5. Amateurs fear failure. Pros crave it.

6. Amateurs build a skill. Pros build a portfolio.

7. Amateurs want to be noticed. Pros want to be remembered.

A lot of gems to be mined in Jeff Goins’ article. I hope you’ll visit.

Today, and Writing

Rolled out a little after 2. Routine stuff for the first hour or so, then wrote much of what’s above this.

At 4 I decided to get the admin stuff out of the way. I created a cover for “Beats All You Ever Saw,” then formatted and uploaded it to D2D and Amazon.

Finally I posted it to the Free Story page on my website, then emailed the .mobi copy to my donors. All of that took about an hour and a half.

Around 6:30 I signed up for a free Ko-Fi account. It’s yet one more place where visitors to the site can make a donation or “Buy Me A Coffee” if they want. For an example, see my page at

Finally around 9 I started cycling through the novel, getting it back into my head. I’m not worrying about word count today. I just want to get back into it and see where it goes from there.

Well, I’ll call this a good day, despite writing just over 2000 new words on the day. I guess I’m easing back into this one, but I’m still having a blast.

Back tomorrow.

Of Interest

From yesterday, via The Passive Voice, “The 7 Differences Between Professionals and Amateurs” at

Want to give folks a chance to buy you a coffee? Get your free Ko-Fi account at (Thanks to Scott Gordon. See his site at

At Dean’s, “Story Seventeen”

Fiction Words: 2201
Nonfiction Words: 610 (Journal)
So total words for the day: 2811

Writing of The Platinum Blond Perturbance

Day 1…… 1381 words. Total words to date…… 1381
Day 2…… 1864 words. Total words to date…… 3245
Day 3…… 2136 words. Total words to date…… 5381
Day 4…… 2201 words. Total words to date…… 7582

Total fiction words for the month……… 19491
Total fiction words for the year………… 228047
Total nonfiction words for the month… 9510
Total nonfiction words for the year…… 66850

Total words for the year (fiction and nonfiction)…… 294897

The Daily Journal blog streak……………………………… 511 days
Calendar Year 2017 Novel Goal (15 novels)… 4 novels

4 thoughts on “The Journal, Tuesday, 4/18”

  1. Hey thanks for the mention. My friend Anna Marine, a Russian digital artist, is using it and has already racked up a good 20-30 cups of coffee (about $3 each, if I’m not mistaken). Pretty cool stuff, and like you said, it’s yet another way that authors can get paid for their writing. It’s probably a better way of saying “please donate to this site,” though it goes well with a PayPal donation message, such as: “If you enjoyed this article, please consider donating through PayPal or buying me a cup of coffee.” Nice.

  2. The bad part is that anyone who wants to be a pro really has to work at finding the right people. When I was on writing message boards, there’s a lot of people who want to keep everyone at the beginning writer level. Aspiring to be a professional was put down. I remember seeing people who would look at a book a best selling writer wrote and wanted to try something that writer did. Invariably, the other writers would zoom in and say “Big name writer can get away with that. You can’t.” Or “That’s too hard to do. Most writers will screw it up. Don’t even try it.” It’s amazing to me how many people would say these things, and all the while fussing about why they were getting form rejections and never seeing the connection.

    • Thanks for the comment. And yup. It’s why I’ve never done message boards or social media “groups” for writers. It’s 99%+ people flapping their gums about something they know nothing about. Just sitting around repeating what they’ve heard, and never an original thought. I won’t even visit writers’ groups unless I’m there to present a session on some aspect of writing. It’s just too difficult on my nerves to listen to otherwise intelligent, accomplished people ape the same old crap over and over.

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