The Journal, Wednesday, 9/23: A BIG Author Earnings Report

Rolled out just before 3 again, a little late this morning. I was hoping to get up around 1 so I could get a lot done before I have to go to SV but that wasn’t in the cards. I’ll just have to spread the writing out.

Answered some emails, then Facebook stuff.

From a comment by Dean on his blog from yesterday: “There is a huge difference between writing for one reader (those who submit to traditional publishing) and writing for thousands (those who go indie). A real change in mindset.”

And from his post today, “Every beginning writer and many middle-stage writers work to fit into a box, to be like everyone else, to polish their stories and novels until they look like everyone else’s stores.” Good stuff.

So a little over two hours have passed this morning and I haven’t written a word of fiction.

Finally got started writing at 5:30. I hoped to get at least one good session done before I left for SV around 8.

It worked out better than that. First I cycled back a bit to update a couple of points and to get myself back into the flow of the story. Then I wrote about 1100 words before 6:30. I took a break for a shower and to get dressed, then wrote another 1000 words before I had to leave. That’s perfect. It makes the trip to SV basically a long break. (grin)

Well, it’s noon. The trip took longer than expected because some things came up on the other end. My mechanic also operates a towing service, so I went with him on a couple calls. Got back to his place, he installed my new part, then realized a second part also was broken. So I’ll go back Monday. In the meantime, the truck works. It just limps a little. (grin)

By the way, Author Earnings just released a new report that ALL writers should see. Especially if you’re locked into traditional publishing or if you’re on the fence.

The previous report I mentioned here talks about market share in ebooks from traditional publishing vs. indie publishing. So it was kind of abstract.

But this report shows the actual distribution of income to individual authors who choose to publish traditionally vs. independently. This probably will surprise you. And if you’re an indie publisher, it will surprise you in a very good way. I encourage you to follow this link and sign up to get your own reports as they come out.

Adding to My Challenge
Sort of, I guess, but not really. There are 99 days left in 2015. If I hit my daily goal of 3000 publishable words of fiction per day for all 99 days, that will be an additional 297,000 words. That would give me well over 800,000 words of published fiction on the year. So be it. My new short-term goal is to hit at least 800,000 words for this year. (To hit that exact number I need 290762 more words, or 2936 words per day. Here we go! (grin)

Today’s Writing
Kind of lethargic after I got back from SV. Over 2,000 words before 8 a.m. The rest came after noon and before 4 p.m. when NYPD Blue comes on. Oh well. Still it was at least a so-so day. I hit the goal and looking forward to tomorrow. And sometime in the next few days I have to write and publish a short story. (grin)

Fiction Words: 3039

Writing of “Norval Babineaux” (SF novel)
Day 1…… 3405 words. Total words to date….. 3405 words
Day 2…… 1487 words. Total words to date….. 4892 words
Day 3…… 4139 words. Total words to date….. 9031 words
Day 4…… 1516 words. Total words to date….. 10547 words
Day 5…… 2942 words. Total words to date….. 13489 words
Day 6…… 4261 words. Total words to date….. 17750 words
Day 7…… XXXX words. Total words to date….. 20789 words

Total fiction words for the month………… 44197
Total fiction words for the year…………… 509238