Jobs Like That: A Novella

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I’ll get to the novella Jobs Like That in a moment.

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Now, here’s the first story I want to talk about.

Jobs Like That

Jobs Like That is a novella that’s likely to become a series.

The protagonist, Nick Spalding, is neither big nor small. But he’s wiry and tougher than a barrel full of nails.

In this Hemingway-esque tale, Nick Spalding has been a warrior. He’s been in places and situations where decisive action is not only allowed, but necessary. But he’s grown weary of that life.

Now he’s opted to drop out of life and out of his chosen profession. He takes a job on the docks, one where the biggest decisions are whether and how tightly to snug the boats to the pilings against an incoming storm.

The only other Anglo around is Mary Jo McWherter. She has also experienced war, hers in Northern Ireland. She too has dropped out and is escaping her own past. She works as a waitress in a road house near town.

But in any case, where you work doesn’t change who you are.

The fact is, some folks are cut of a particular kind of cloth. Some folks are only suited for “jobs like that.”

Internet search terms: action-adventure / war & military / psychological suspense

Jobs Like That is available at all e-tailers through this Universal Link.

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Next week, a post on bad writing instructors (with examples).

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