Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Hi Folks,

Note: This post was originally scheduled for 12/24/2013. It didn’t post to MailChimp, so I’m posting it again now. Besides, it’s kind’a timeless. A little pre-Christmas fun. Enjoy.

Well, here we are.

We’ve made another approximate revolution around the big yellow ball of fiery gas and come full circle to that time of the year when humans are expected to be giddily happy. And true to form, most of them are, bless their hearts. (Those of you who hail from Texas or have visited Texas and paid attention will understand.)

Anywho, according to those who know me well, I should be expecting a visit from three ghosts a little later today/tonight, so I’d better spit this out while I’m thinkin’ about it: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And I mean it.

Unlike my Uncle Ebby, I don’t think you should ignore or avoid all the merriment if that’s the sort of thing you like.

Anyway, that’s my wish for you (yeah, just as if it’s original to me, eh?), but it’s not automatic and it’s not what’s necessarily gonna come true. So if you care at all, work at it, a’right?

In the meantime, my personal toast to you and yours:

May your days be vibrant, your evenings calm, your heart safe and warm at home.

‘Til next time, happy writing.



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  1. The Yule up here was cool… damp and darn near freezing. So have a hot toddy, and prepare for great stuff in 2014. Web.

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