Quieting the Critical Mind

Hi Folks, Following on the tail of Trusting Your Subconscious Mind, this suits. I’ve talked before about writing off into the dark. In fact, my whole Daily Journal is based on that method of writing, piggybacked on the writer’s determination to follow Heinlein’s Rules. I even teach an Audio Course on Writing Off Into the Dark. Click the link and scroll down to Course 12. But one subtopic is sorely lacking any direct instruction that I … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 1/23

Hey Folks, Topic: Conscious Mind Rising Well, I think I’ve been letting my conscious mind in a bit and didn’t even realize it. These past few days I’ve been saying I think the end of the book is near. From there it was a very short slide down the slippery slope from “wouldn’t it be cool if it ended like this?” to “yep, this is how it’s going to end.” In other words, I “decided” how … Read more