Hi Folks, Distractions happen. They do. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about them. But if you’re a mechanic and you get a phone call (distraction) and your spouse or significant other shows up unannounced for lunch (distraction) or a chunk of spy satellite falls out of the sky and flattens the dry cleaner across the street (distraction), you look, you take care of it, and you go back to work on the engine or the … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 1/16

Hey Folks, I love being my age. It’s a built-in excuse for being grouchy about all manner of things. Woohoo! A couple of days ago, I wrote “One of my Brooklyn guys (that’s him on the left) dropped in to say, ‘Hey, whadda you know from females, am I right?’ To which I replied, ‘Wull, yeah. But it has to be done, right?’” Then I forgot to add the pic. (sigh) Okay, so THAT’S him on … Read more