Learning from Other Writers

Hey Folks, Thriller author James Scott Bell, in the Kill Zone blog back in June, wrote  “Authors I Have Learned From: John D. MacDonald.” The article is chock full of gems if you dig just a little. You can read the post for yourself. I’ll reference it at the end. But for this post, I’ll offer a few hints at those gems, then elaborate a little on each of them. To begin, there is much to … Read more

If You’re a Writer and I’m a Reader, You Owe Me Something

Hey Folks, There were a lot of good comments on James Scott Bell’s “Editing is Dying, Grunting Soon to Follow” in the Kill Zone blog. If you haven’t read it (I recommend it) you can find the post and the comments at https://killzoneblog.com/2018/04/editing-is-dying-grunting-soon-to-follow.html. Reading the comments was an eye-opening experience. Someone, a writer no less, actually advocated for the spelling of “all right” as “alright,” which, honestly, is just laziness. It’s the same reason some folks … Read more