Using Italic Attribute in Fiction

Hi Folks, This is a bit of an embarrassment for me. I used to actively teach that the writer should use italics to indicate the characters’ unspoken thoughts. When I was actively editing for other writers, I applied that erroneous rule. One time, I even passed up doing an edit for one writer because she adamantly refused to allow me to change characters’ unspoken thoughts from normal typeface to italics. I felt like she was paying … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 3/20

Hey Folks, In keeping with my usual bent toward recommending excellent resources, I’ve found a new interior layout and cover design print source. Both the price and quality are excellent. That’s a hard combo to beat. A couple days ago, someone on DWS’s site recommended Cover to Upload as a good place to have covers designed. Dean agreed. This morning I checked out the site personally and have already emailed them with a few questions about … Read more

Getting Ideas (and other stuff)

This content was previously posted on June 26, 2016 in the Daily Journal. I posted it here because of the valuable topic included below. Soon I might begin posting the Daily Journal here every day. Hey Folks, Probably today will be another non-writing day for me. Despite the fact that when I take a day away from writing fiction I feel itchy and annoyed. I gave my word to a couple of folks who quickly took … Read more