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An Essay on Pope (satire)

Microsoft Word for Writers (my series)

Heinlein’s Business Habits For Writers (Heinlein’s Rules), Annotated

What Heinlein’s Rules Mean to Me by Harvey Stanbrough

The Essential Elements of a Story by Harvey Stanbrough

Not Tag Line Verbs by Harvey Stanbrough

Genres and Audiences derived from “Genre: A Novel’s Flavor” ©2019 Modupeh Duncan for

The Importance of Being Bachman by Stephen King

“Going Back,” an SF short story by Harvey Stanbrough that involves a “time exchange”

“Old Suits”, a short story by Harvey Stanbrough writing as Nick Porter. I thought this was horrible, published it anyway, and a reader emailed to tell me she loved it.

Laurie, a new short story offered free by Stephen King

The Newbie’s Guide To Publishing by JA Konrath

A Fact Sheet Toward Efficiency in Epublishing

365 Days of Writing Prompts

The Essentials of Digital Publishing

Quick Guide to Self-Publishing & FAQs

The Art of Writing Flash Fiction

Writing Great Beginnings

Top 7 Mistakes Writers Make

Raymond Chandler on The Fine Art of Murder

“Consuela” (the first short story I ever wrote “into the dark”)

The Rise of a Warrior, Book 1 of the Wes Crowley series. (PDF, opens in a new page.)

“How I Wrote a Thousand ‘Nick Carter’ Novels” article by Frederic van Rensselaer Dey

“The Magic Story” short story by Frederic van Rensselaer Dey


On Addiction: an essay

My villanelle (poem) was set to music by Stanley Grill, classical composer: To see the score, click “Roses?” See Mr. Grill’s website at

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