Microsoft Word for Writers

Welcome! Your presence here indicates that you are a writer and that you want to continue learning the craft.

On this page I will list the Introduction and the individual chapters for Microsoft Word for Writers.

Everything in these posts will apply to your version of Microsoft Word, though some of it will be an approximation instead of being exact. My apology for that.

These lessons are based on the version of Microsoft Word that accompanied Microsoft Office 2010.

For that reason, and because I don’t want to learn a new version of Word and update these posts, I will leave these up here as long as others find them useful. Please feel free to return to them as often as you like, or even to copy and paste a copy of them for your own use.

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Microsoft Word for Writers: Introduction

Microsoft Word for Writers: Setting Up the Menu

Microsoft Word: Setting Up the Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft Word for Writers: Setting Word Options

Microsoft Word for Writers: Find & Replace

Microsoft Word for Writers: The Paragraph Formatting Tool

Microsoft Word for Writers: Odds & Ends

Microsoft Word for Writers: A Few Notes About Styles