The Journal, Sunday, 3/5

Hey Folks, NOTE: I just popped back in at 6:20 to add this and the next two paragraphs to today’s Journal. If you want to learn a TON about writing, please consider buying THE BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF PULPS. You can find it at Amazon, in paper or Kindle, at This is nothing short of incredible, even if all you read are the foreword and the three introductions. But there are also at least a … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 3/4

Hey Folks, Wow. I almost forgot to even post a Journal entry today. When I know I’m going to be busy later in the day, I usually post early rather than late. So hardly anything here today. I did some reading. I’m enjoying this reading down-time a great deal, but I’ll be back up and running soon. If I’m not writing fiction by tomorrow, I will be by Monday. My back taught me a new lesson … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 3/3

Hey Folks, Getting a slow start on March, but that’s all right. I’m enjoying my reading. Today I have a full day. If a story idea hits and the mood to write strikes, I’ll start something. If not, I’ll continue reading. Tomorrow (Saturday) will almost certainly be a reading day. I’d like to attend the self-publishing expo in Tucson, but other non-writing things take priority. My grandson goes to work at 10 tomorrow and works until … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 3/2

Hey Folks, I almost started this with “Not much here today,” but I happened on a topic so…. Still reading today. No writing, though I was kind of jonesing to write earlier this morning. That’s okay. The feeling will just be stronger tomorrow. I spent most of the day reading several of the Nick Carter crime/detective/mystery pulp novels of Frederic van Rensselaer Dey. It’s obvious the guy was paid by the word (hence, a lot of … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 3/1

Hey Folks, Well, I promised myself yesterday I was going to take the day off to read some pulp fiction today. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m even posting this way early so I’m not tempted. (grin) I have several PF novels in the genre that most interests me and a few in my second choice. So today will be a day filled with reading. I don’t read all the time, at least not … Read more