The Journal, Saturday, 4/8

Hey Folks,

Yesterday turned out to be productive, albeit not with actual writing.

I did create a cover and a promo doc and get the new book up in all major e-venues.

But this morning, something was bugging me about that cover. It just didn’t pop off the page.

So I revised it. Now it reflects “noir” better and it pops off the page. That’s it on the left over there.

Topic: Thoughts on Novel Two-Fers

So I’m thinking I want to put the last two novels (both pulp fiction detective noir mysteries) in a “boxed set” in ebook.

But I’m also thinking of doing the same thing, sort of, in print.

But why only two? I mean, I can easily turn out two of these masterpieces per month (grin), so why not wait until I have three or more to put in a boxed set?

Well, does anyone out there remember the old pulp novel two-fers?

You buy one physical book, but it has two front covers, one on each side, and the covers are upside down from each other.

You open one cover to read one novel, then flip the book over and open the other cover to read the other novel. (grin)

It was charming, to say the least. And the idea of it is intriguing to me.

I’ve already been in touch with Kat at Cover to Upload to see whether she has any ideas and whether the project interests her.

I really doubt I’ll be able to replicate the old pulp two-fer construction. But I’m looking for a way to do something that’s at least similar.

Oh, and let’s toss in another challenge while we’re at it. I’m kind of a stickler for having my ebook and print book covers look the same.

Of course, you can’t flip an ebook over, so….

Hmm. Maybe a new cover with both the other covers on it, only sideways with the top of the original covers at the spine.

I don’t know.

I’ll keep you posted.

Today, and Writing

Rolled out a little before 4 after a rough night with my stomach. Ugh.

After briefly playing with email and FB, I updated pages on my website and my publisher website to reflect the new book. If you wanna read about it, here’s the 411:

Around 7 my wife and I went for a short walk (about a mile). Then back to breakfast and writing.

Good short walk, then a trip to Sierra Vista (about 45 miles) for two new tires for my Tacoma.

Lunch in Sierra Vista and ate too much (burgers and fries, and if you know me, nomnomnom).

Out to the Hovel around 2:20 to see if it’ll still have me. (grin)

Around 3 I started a new novel. Woohoo! As my buddy Dan says, I am in hebben. Like the previous two, this one features Detective Lou Galecki. He’s a Polack, but he has a Brooklyn accent and an Italian partner, so it’s all right.

A great hour. I’ll hope to write more on this one tomorrow.

See you then.

Of Interest

At Dean’s place, “Two More Stories in Two Days” at

Fiction Words: 1381
Nonfiction Words: 490 (Journal)
So total words for the day: 1871

Writing of The Platinum Blond Perturbance

Day 1…… 1381 words. Total words to date…… 1381
Day 2…… XXXX words. Total words to date…… XXXXX

Total fiction words for the month……… 8750
Total fiction words for the year………… 217126
Total nonfiction words for the month… 3480
Total nonfiction words for the year…… 60820

Total words for the year (fiction and nonfiction)…… 277946

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  1. I think I’ve heard of at least one modern writer doing this type of thing: Cat Rambo with her short story collection called Near + Far.

    She says on the blurb that she did the book in tete-beche format as an homage to Ace Double books (on one side a collection of near future short stories, and on the other side the far future stories). As far as I can see from her Amazon page, the ebook cover looks just like the cover of one side of the physical book (called Near).

    She apparently recently published a new book using the same principle, called Neither Here Nor There.

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