Huge Christmas Sale

Hi Folks,

Usually, attempting to sell fiction to other fiction writers is not a good idea. Even folks like Stephen King have a hard time selling fiction to fiction writers. The fact is, other fiction writers don’t want to buy your books. They want You to buy Their books. (grin)

BUT I DO buy novels and stories written by Stephen King. I also buy (some) novels and stories from Dean Wesley Smith, Isabel Allende, Lawrence Block and many others who meet three requirements:

they are farther along the road than I as writers;
something about their work blows me out of my socks; and
I aspire to learn from them.

When I see myself as a student of another writer, what better way to learn from them than to read their work for pleasure, and then go back and study the passages that blew me away?

So since you’re signed up to learn from me, in the shameless promotion below I’m offering you an opportunity to see first-hand whether I know what I’m doing. (grin) Naturally, I hope you will take advantage of it.

If you’re interested in reading some of my novels or short story collections, here’s your chance, with deep discounts. Consider it an early Christmas gift from me to you.

All our ebooks and print books are on sale. To download a list of titles and prices, Click Here.

ALL  EBOOKS  ON  SALE now through midnight on Christmas Eve. (For print books, scroll down.)

Novels, 10-story collections, 5-story collections, poetry collections, all for $3 each. The complete Wes Crowley Saga (10 novels) is only $15.

All ebooks are DRM-free. Share with your whole family! And No Shipping! 🙂

NOTE: Prices valid ONLY through StoneThread Publishing. Email

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ALL  PRINT  BOOKS  ON  SALE now through December 21.

Novels, Short Story Collections, and Poetry Collections are on sale for $9 each. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING! These are not stocking stuffers. These are quality trade paperbacks.

Many print titles are available signed by the author(s). Again, for a complete list Click Here.

NOTE: Again, these prices are valid ONLY through StoneThread Publishing. Email

Thanks, and happy writing!


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