HarveyStanbrough.com — A New Look

Hey folks, Some of you might have noticed the website has a new look. If you haven’t, check it out at http://harveystanbrough.com. I’m slowly transitioning the website. Well, expanding might be a better term. The site will continue to be a valuable source for writers. I’ll continue the weekly posts each Tuesday on topics of interest to writers, and the Writers’ Resources listed in the left sidebar will remain. I’ll also continue to offer writer services … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 5/16

Hey Folks, Well, kind of a mixed bag today. I did a lot of non-writing stuff and still managed to knock out almost 3000 words. Details below. Today, and Writing Rolled out a little before 4. Still catching up on my sleep, I think. By 5:30 I’d had my coffee and read everything I recommended to you below in “Of Interest” plus some other stuff. Around 7 I went to the grocery and was back by … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 3/22

Hey Folks, First, thanks to all my long-time subscribers for hanging in there through the sparse posts as well as the longer ones. I appreciate you and your interest in these silly goings-on. Very much. Most often, when a post is longer (like today) it contains a topic that I hope you will find useful at least a friendly reminder. That’s kind’a my way of giving back. So thank you. Also, I’ve recently added a new … Read more