12 Ways to Make That Critique Group Work (Revised and Updated)

Hi Folks, Note: I originally posted this back in August, 2013. Much has changed since then. I’ve updated it to reflect those changes. Most notably, I no longer recommend critique groups. At all. Mostly because 1. Criticism (or critique) by definition is a function of the conscious mind. It’s wonderful for “deconstruction,” but worthless for creation. Also, 2. Nobody, even writers who are much farther along the road than you are, can know all the intricacies … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 7/17

The Day Rolled out about 2, so back to normal. Checked emails and other things, including Dean’s blog for the past two days. I recommend reading his topic of the night Here and then Here. Great stuff if you want to see why I say you should NOT get an agent, and why you should publish your work and then leave it published. I also read a lot of the comments on Dean’s posts. Interesting stuff, … Read more