The Journal, Wednesday, 4/12

Hey Folks, Well, something’s ‘off’ in my world today. Not sure what, and therefore not sure how to fix it. I’m annoyed. I’ll leave it at that. I’m also not sure what will happen around here today. So I’m calling this a nonwriting day. (Turned out to be a writing day after all.) I won’t write, at least not fiction, unless a lot of stuff in my mind settles out. Maybe I’ll start a new website … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 1/17

Hey Folks, First, my deep gratitude to Michaele for letting me know the Journal wasn’t in her inbox this morning. My apologies. I forgot to check the category box. (grin) It was a good post. If you’re interested, you can find it at The baby needed to be close this morning for some reason. Who knows what’s in a little cat’s mind? But that’s fine. The time we get to spend with loved ones is … Read more

Farewell, Smashwords, and Why

Hi Folks, First a couple of announcements— 1. On September 23, Author Earnings released a new report that ALL writers should see. Especially if you’re locked into traditional publishing or if you’re on the fence. The previous report I mentioned talks about market share in ebooks from traditional publishing vs. indie publishing. So it was kind of abstract. But this report shows the actual distribution of income to individual authors who choose to publish traditionally vs. independently. This probably … Read more