The Journal, Sunday, 5/14

Hey Folks, Yeah, this is pretty much another placeholder post to keep this Journal streak going. I spent much of the early morning wrangling babies, shifting 4-legs from one room to another. Although the other two (cat and chihuahua) are fine around other 2-legs, my little girl gets hyper nervous. That made for an interesting night and early morning. That baby has taught me more about patience in the past few years than I’ve learned from … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 5/13

Hey Folks, Wow, am I ever aware that half the month’s almost gone. (grin) Kind’a adds to that challenge of writing at least one novel per month, doesn’t it? But I’ll do it or my name isn’t Delbert McCrory. Or something. And wow again, I almost forgot to post to the Journal today. Huh. It’s almost 10:30 as I write this, and I’m only now posting to it. Anyway, taking time out for family stuff yesterday, … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 5/12

Hey Folks, Well, probably this will be another nonwriting day, and maybe a nonwriting weekend. It’s early (7 a.m.) but I have to change oil in a car, pick up things in town, clean out the same car, then wash it and do a bunch of other stuff. All of this is to prepare for a visit from some of my children and grandchildren tomorrow morning. So life things. Still, I won’t post this until this … Read more

Suction Cups

Disraeli Jones was in a bad way. He sat on the white marble floor in the lobby in the Hampton Arms. His right leg was splayed at an angle out from his body. His left leg was the same way to the knee, but there it bent back toward his right. The sole of his left shoe pressed against the inside of the right leg of his trousers just above the knee. His back was against … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 5/11

Hey Folks, Wow. A lot in today’s Journal and no fiction writing. Go figure. As I write this, I just looked out my north-facing window and caught sight of a purple mountain peak. It’s about 20 miles distant (+/-) and currently lined here and there with pink from the sunrise. Another beginning to another beautiful day. I’ll accompany my bride at around 7:30 to a doctor appointment this morning, then to walmart for some things, then … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 5/10

Hey Folks, Today I worked on various things around the house, mailed out two packages of books. One was a collection, the full set of The Formalist, a twice-monthly poetry magazine, to my eldest granddaughter. The Formalist was a very nice, perfect-bound journal that lasted ten or twelve years. I was fortunate to have some of my poetry appear in it alongside some big-name poets. The other mailing was a full set of the Wes Crowley … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 5/9

Hey Folks, Today should be the last day of settling into my office. I think the more difficult task will be getting used to writing in here. I almost look forward to winter, short as it is, so I can move my writing back to the Hovel. I put a lot of stuff through my writing ‘puter out there. Speaking of the writing ‘puter, it’s back. (grin) I had nothing to lose so I plugged in … Read more

Getting in My Own Way

Hi Folks, Sometimes, probably more often than not, my own biggest problem is Me. Today I knocked out something over 2000 words before I went walking. Didn’t walk all that long. I didn’t even need a shower, really, although I took one because that’s what you do. After that, I was fired up to leap back into writing another scene in The Marshal of Agua Perlado. And I did. Then I got stuck. I wasn’t stuck … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 5/8

Hey Folks, Well, nobody has perfect days all the time. This has been a rough weekend. And apparently, it continues. I’m out of sorts this morning and a bit frustrated. I don’t like starting the day this way, but I’ll work through it. After all the moving stuff and then breaking an axle on my Tacoma and paying to have that fixed, last night my writing ‘puter flashed a message: Battery almost depleted. Plug in soon. … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 5/7

Hey Folks, The rebuild of my life continues with three major updates. First, my new office is all but finished. It has a much cleaner, more modern look with a drafting table sloped to 27″ to serve as my business area. It holds my business/Internet computer. The office also has a 27″ high matching typing table (and my writing ‘puter) to serve as my writing area. (Yay!) My outside desk remains where it was beneath my … Read more