Leaving Amarillo

Hey Folks, This time I thought I’d showcase my very first novel. Although it was the first novel written in the series, with the advent of three prequels, Leaving Amarillo actually is Book 4 in the Wes Crowley saga. The saga spans 60 years in the life of Texas Ranger Wes Crowley. The titles are arranged chronologically, but each also is a stand-alone novel. In Leaving Amarillo, Wes Crowley and Otis “Mac” McFadden are lifelong friends. … Read more

The Clearing

Hey Folks, Back to books written under my own name. Something for crime/mystery/detective fans out there. The clearing. It’s beautiful. It’s remote. It’s a perfect setting for magic and romance and the plucking of young, ripe, forbidden fruit. And it’s a graveyard. This is a strongly emotional, fast-paced crime thriller / psychological suspense novel. On one side, Randall B Cregg’s father has always hoped his son would feel a calling to take over the church someday. … Read more